NEX-6 is a truly excellent value by many comparisons...

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Scott McL
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NEX-6 is a truly excellent value by many comparisons...

I have to pinch pennies these days, so I've been carefully comparison shopping for my future carry-around camera. I've been comparing everything from fancy P&S (RX100, LX7, etc.) up to the Fuji X-100, X-E1 and X-P1. Made a little spreadsheet of cameras, lenses (for one's that take interchangeable lenses), built-in features, accessories (add-on EVF, etc.).

In sum, the NEX-6 is an extraordinary value! . Of course, there might be some "fatal flaw" once she gets field tested by many hands, but as of today, the NEX-6 really stands out as a .

For $1K (with the diminutive kit lens), the NEX-6 delivers

  1. High resolution EVF with a high refresh rate (compare resolution and refresh rates, cost of add-on EVFs...)
  2. EVF diopter control (for aging glasses wearers like me, what's up with X-P1?)
  3. 16MP APC-C sensor (good for DOF control, lower noise/high ISO performance)
  4. Post-processing friendly standard Bayer matrix (OK, a "toss up" vs. Fuji considering low ISO vs. high ISO optimal IQ)
  5. Integrated CDAF/PDAF autofocus for speed/accuracy
  6. Focus peeking (I like MF and have much beloved Leica and Nikon AI-S glass)
  7. Articulated screen (That is gravy by this point, but yet another awesome feature included in the price!)
  8. ISO standard hot-shoe (I have some yummy optical VF's from Leica-land and also require a PC-sync adapter for my Alien Bees strobes)
  9. Interchangeable lenses (I really hope Sony doesn't screw up the 35/1.8!)
  10. Collapsible kit lens ("size-priority mode" friendly)
  11. Enough buttons/wheels to not have to "dumpster dive" into the menu system constantly
  12. Small body size (spent more time on "camerasize" than I care to admit!)

Probably like some other old timers, I'm really (really!) drawn to the "classic primary control configuration" of the , but dollar-for-feature, it's getting harder and harder to opt for the X-E1(P1) as  secondary "small/light" carry-about system.

I'm forced to be economical and patient, and I'll wait to see exactly how both Sony's and Fuji's (and on both systems) stack up over the next 6 months or so. would be very wise to release . I've been "making do" with a in Nikon APS-C land or too-little working distance working with longer lenses (85/1.8, 105/2.5, 135/2.8, etc.) for too long and, well, ‚Äč Fingers crossed, but then I might easily fill that "gap" with a Nikon 60/2.8 macro and adapter. We'll see...

Now, note that I'll also likely spring for the , but also for when IQ is of paramount importance. I really do like the Nikon glass I have, and "lenses, SB800 and oodles of accessories already owned" certainly fits my budget parameters

Unfortunately, I'd love to experiment with several gear options more casually, but right now I need the "total buy" configuration and cost fixed on paper before I pull the trigger. I likely won't be back in the market for another 7-10 years

But to get , in film land I never carried anything smaller than a Rollei AFM35 (which did enjoy a crazy contrasty and sharp 38mm lens), but with just a bit more bulk, for a small and light 1 or 2 lens carry-everywhere camera kit, the by my spreadsheet calculations.

Kudos to Sony!

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