My SLR Magic HyperPrime LM 50mm T0.95 Review!

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Re: My SLR Magic HyperPrime LM 50mm T0.95 Review!
In reply to facewashwas, Oct 16, 2012

facewashwas wrote:

SLR Magic wrote:

It is October now and for the two months you were using the lens you did not email us you are having issues despite the great photos you shared.

Wrong. Please check email on June 22.

I received an email from you on the 21st that the lens was shipped. I received the lens on the 22nd. I emailed you THAT SAME DAY about my initial impression.
Here is the email to be exact if you've forgotten it.

"Andrew@ SLR Magic,

I just received the LM Hyperprime (RF coupled) via UPS. Thank you for the shipment. Since I am at work, I will not have the chance to look at the lens until afterwards.
I did, however, noticed a few things and would like to ask about the lens I just received:1) Is this lens my personal unit that I purchased back in April or is it the Evaluation/Review Unit?2) The unit I received has a black front-ring with the word "Stealth" engraved.  at f/16 is not rounded. Instead, it is an oddly, disfigured square/circle.aperture3) The  ring has what seems to be several paint chips (signs of use?).aperture4) The edges of the focus ring and 5) Two holes in focusing ring has "red residue" What are they?
It would be great if someone can clarify this with me. Looking forward to your reply!" 
Why are you telling people I didn't address my concerns to you?
So you see, I had already notify you some of the major concerns highlighted in my detailed review.
And here is your reply.

Kind rgds.,
Have you tried using your lens yet?
during shipping. In the US they use a blue residue for example.
The red residue is to prevent the screws from getting loose from bumps
machine made knife. It is the nature of hand made specialty products.
example, a hand crafted knife does not have a perfect edge like a
We have it made as much like a  mass production lens as possible. For
lenses from (e.g. Japan) you may even have saw markings on the lens.
is normal to look like this even when brand new. If you buy hand made
The lens is only used by the lens maker. It is a hand made lens and it
the opposite way.
 opening. It kind of worksaperturenot have a perfectly round minimum 
 throughout mayaperture. However, lenses with a round apertureminimum 
 range may have a roundaperture throughout the aperturedisfigured 
 is made as round as possible. Usually lenses withapertureThe 
a volunteer as we do not sell the Stealth version to public.
only offer it to testers but you wanted it so we asked if you could be
 you requested to purchase the Stealth version instead. We +May 7thOn 
and testers can purchase the Stealth version of the 50mm T0.95 lens.
"The version you purchased is a brand new Review unit. Only volunteers
The fact that you said the condition of my lens was normal even brand new is shocking. Rarely do I ever buy a new lens to find markings on it. Never, to be exact.

On June 26 2012 you said:


I can see where our confusion meets but worry not as I now understand our situation here. I come to you as a prospective customer, and at the same time, an enthusiast photographer/reviewer. As agreed, I will review the HyperPrime lens for the internet. I must admit, however, that the lens arrived much sooner that I have expected. I am quite impressed! I have yet had the chance to use the lens this past weekend since I was on a business trip, but I will get using and reviewing the lens very soon.

Keep in contact!



I understood you do not have time to try the lens on yet but you do have an M9 with you.

On July 18 2012 you said:

"To be honest, the lens was delivered much sooner than I expected. I was not ready to review the unit since my M9 is not scheduled to return until the end of August."

"FYI, I began writing a review for the lens but have yet to assess the optical performance since I do not have a camera to test the lens on; 85% of what I've written mentions the several flaws I observed throughout the construction of the lens."

You never mentioned you had no M9 camera for the whole time and that you have no camera till end of August. I am surprised you have almost completed more than 85% of your review without any camera to try the lens on.

On July 18th we said to you:

"We would suggest that you wait for your M9P to be returned from Leica,
and you can use our lens. The lens has a warranty of 3 years starting
from the date that it arrived your mailing address in case of
mechanical defects.  Since you do not have your camera with you when
you received our lens, the best we can offer you is that once you
received your camera body from Leica, please email a copy of the
postal receipt of your camera to us.  After receipt of your email copy
of the postal receipt from Leica by end of August to us, we will help
you adjust your 30 days exchange starting date in case of mechanical
problem with our lens.  We hope this can reduce your worry."

We were willing to push back the 3 years warranty period to not start till August as long as you show us the return service receipt from Leica when you get it back end of August. It is quite difficult to get this level of service even at Leica. If you ship a camera for repair at Leica they will not push back the warranty period of their lenses for you.

I state again, we have NOT received any email from you ever since you got your camera back from Leica the end of August.

Unless you can show you have followed up with us after you have received your camera from Leica in end of August this is the end of conversation as it is getting repetitive.

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