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Panasonic lenses on the OM-D: your experience

Started Oct 7, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Panasonic 25 1.4 update: first time camera freeze
In reply to Allan Brown, Oct 12, 2012

Allan Brown wrote:

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Allan Brown wrote:

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Allan Brown wrote:

NeroMetalliko wrote:


it seems that I have lost the right mood with Panasonic lenses coupled with EM5...

Today I was changing some setting in the camera menu to optimize the custom Myset1. The Pana 25 1.4 was mounted on the EM5, and, at one point, right after changing the option of EVF frame rate from "high" to "normal" the camera fully freezed. It was not possible to shut down with the power switch. A battery remove was necessary. After that the camera was working again, but the latest stored Myset1 settings were lost and I was forced to repeat the configuration again. At the moment I was unable to replicate the problem and all is workig right. Camera firmware is 1.5.

Has anybody else ever experienced EM5 locks with the Pana 25?

Sadly this issue, even if minor, if confirmed should be added at the growing list of all the more or less irritating shortcomings potentially occurring when mixing Pana lenses with Oly bodies.



It is the EM5 that is at fault here, not the Panasonic lenses.

Why do I say this? because Panasonic lenses do not show this problem with any other body - that I am aware of anyway.

Perhaps you may want to reconsider your choice of the EM5?



I think that in situations like this it's difficult to say who is at fault...

I had a GF1 and I have never had a lockup and/or problem in three years with my Panasonic lenses, neither in the last year with the Oly 45 (apart some rattlesnaking noise maybe). Max speed was near 3fps with the GF1, so no possibility to test faster burst.

I recently got the E-M5 and found that the Pana 20 showed banding. In addition all the old Panasonic lenses were unable to keep 9fps stopped down reaching something like 3-4fps. The Pana 25 had the rattlesnake noise and, even if faster than the old lenses, is able to keep only 6-7fps max stopped down. Today I had a camera freeze and the lens mounted was Panasonic.

No one of the Oly lenses I have tried show similar problems/limitations in the same E-M5 body: no banding, fast 9fps burst, faster/more consistent AF and never observed a camera freeze.

So, who is at fault?

I was responding to your comment regarding the camera locking up. That is an EM5 problem, not a Panasonic lens problem.

I have never had that problem with my Panasonic lenses and my EPM1. I have never seen it reported for any other body other than the EM5. That is why I said it was an EM5 fault.

Same goes for the banding issue.



at first glance I was of your same opinion, but after some thoughts and keeping in consideration all my whole experience I am more convinced today that the fault is in both brands:

I think that Oly take care more of the compatibility of their lenses on their bodies and I think the same is valid for Panasonic.

Obviously they are committed to meet the official specifications in order to be micro4/3 compliant, but I think that they invest more time/resources in testing/optimizing first their lenses on their respective bodies, specially during product development.


yes, there are faults on both sides (Olympus and Panasonic) - this I agree with. However, I think there is a bit more blame with the incompatibility issue with Olympus. After all, Panasonic lenses don't stop Panasonic cameras and Olympus Pen cameras from working. So, what did Olympus do differently with the EM5?

Why does one of the oldest m4/3 lenses cause banding on the OM5, Why is it only now that Olympus cameras can handle the non OIS switch lenses? and so on.

Correspondingly, why did Panasonic design lenses with apertures that cannot keep up with faster burst rates? Did they not envision that Panasonic bodies will have very fast burst rates?

You are right that for a system that is supposed to be completely compatible, Olympus and Panasonic are doing a poor job.

I think I would be correct to say that most everyone on this forum bought into m4/3 as a system not Olympus or not Panasonic only.

Absolutely yes!

Some may dismiss these issues as being trivial or suggest sticking with one make. But, if we do dismiss these issues, Olympus and Panasonic will continue as is.

Exactly, this was the main reason why I have spent some time reporting here my findings.

So, for you, do you keep the EM5 knowing that it is less "compatible" than other Olympus and Panasonic bodies? It is a decision that one should not have to make.

Yes, this is a decision that one should never have to make. As for myself, I think that I will still keep the E-M5 because, even with these shortcomings, it fits overall better my needs than the G5/GH3, but it's a shame that we have to be worried regarding which lens we could mount on a camera.


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