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Re: Kudos to Nikon for plugging the hole
In reply to em_dee_aitch, Oct 7, 2012

em_dee_aitch wrote:

Denso -

I'm all for Nikon giving themselves first dibs on parts that only trickle out, but that is not a reason to stop all parts sales. They can easily sell to independents while also preventing hoarding through a simple rationing system--if they choose to do so.

I'm sure Nikon can do a lot of things to prevent the problem such as requiring the buyer to provide the model and serial number of their registered camera or lens.  The question is why should they be burdened with the added expense of maintaining of administering a database of parts buyers that cost mere pennies when the problem is globally solved with one easy policy?  Why would Nikon want to drive up the labor and administration costs?

The other issue you want to dance around is this policy now prevents the end user from getting counterfeit parts.  You have your gear repaired at an authorized repair facility and you are guaranteed original Nikon parts, which now will be in stock for quick turnaround times.

Protecting the customer is paramount.

Also, the types of parts which should be available for user installation are not complicated and therefore not likely to be constrained. I'm talking about rubber covers, external plastic anything, external glass LCD covers that are easily installed with common implements.

Again, these parts are the staple of any repair facility and are needed to facilitate repairs in a timely fashion.  The sheer volume of needed parts and limited production runs require tighter inventory control.

BTW, welcome back. Looks like you took a break from the forum for the exact amount of time I did. It's almost like this particular account of yours exists for stalking me. Like you've gone from zone defense to man-to-man. I'm flattered.

Thank you, but don't flatter yourself.  I've been out of the country on business touring several manufacturing facilities and come back to see this eye straining change on the forum, which stinks.  I have also noticed, as predicted, the D800 "AF issues" trolling and misinformation seems to have petered out.  Turns out there really wasn't any real issues after all and the trolls have crawled back under their rocks.  And no, I'm not stalking you, just seen more spreading of misinformation that needed counterbalance.

I'm curious why we don't see the same level of trolling, I mean problems with the D600?  Anyway, it is good to see you still care about me.  I'm also glad you have your "AF issues" corrected.

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