Nikon parts: This will affect YOU. Please sign.

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Kudos to Nikon for plugging the hole
In reply to em_dee_aitch, Oct 6, 2012

em_dee_aitch wrote:

Today I find myself in the position that all of you will be in eventually if you keep using Nikon gear: I need an external DSLR body part that is easily user installable and that up until a couple months ago was readily available for $15 through independent repair shops. Nikon today tells me that they will not sell it to me. This means that I will have to suffer both downtime and hundreds of dollars in unnecessary labor and shipping for a $15 part. This is unbelievably customer antagonistic and incompetent on Nikon's part.

If this type of behavior on Nikon's part concerns you, please sign this and add commentary in the comments field:

This is not my petition, but everyone here should be aware of it.

As with the majority of these types of complaints and petitions the creator never take a few moments to logically think these things through and understand the logic behind these decisions.

This move by Nikon to protect their customers and the ability of Nikon Service to deliver quicker turnaround times on repairs has been long overdue.  There's nothing more frustrating to the customer being told their repair is being delayed for the reason of "waiting on parts".  This not only is an embarrassment to Nikon, it is a major logistical and labor intensive nightmare for the technician having to shelve disassembled gear and returning to it at a later date.  Nikon prides itself on their high level of customer support and quick turnaround time on repairs.

Closing the sale of these low cost replacement parts to end users has the added benefit of preventing large scale resellers and eBay sellers buying and hoarding bulk lots of replacement parts which ultimately get sold to the unsuspecting customer at a 500% to 600% markup.  This also help keep costs down by not having to schedule additional production runs.

At first, as an end user just like you, I was a bit put off at Nikon's policy to not sell replacement parts to the end user.  But after having the reasons explained to me I now see it as a positive win-win for both Nikon and us end users.  And really, there are not many user serviceable replacement parts other than rubber grips and a few other external parts that would not exceed the average end user's skill set to safely and effectively replace these parts.  I'm confident not many people realize or take into consideration that any repair that requires access to the internals of a camera body or lens require rubber grip removal and replacement as the original grips are not reusable.

Disclaimer: Due to the unpopularity of my opinion I want to clarify I am an end user of Nikon equipment just like you and not an employee or affiliated with Nikon or Nikon USA.

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