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Re: 7D for portraits
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J F wrote:

SteveJL wrote:

J F wrote:

I have read that the 7D is very strong for wildlife, action,etc., but I am curious as to experience on how it handles portrait work. I shoot both indoor with strobes as well as outdoor natural light portraits, and I have been using a 40D. Because of some shutter issues with the 40D I need to get a new camera. Because of some of the other subject matter I shoot, I am interested in the 7D.

Sad to see your question deteriorated so bad in this thread. Don't let it discourage you as far as these forums go, since you are new here and also to the 7D, I see.
My guess is that you have a common (and not necessarily misplaced) perception that people tend to use FF cameras for portrait work, and that the 7D's strengths lie primarily in sports/action work.
The main reason people tend to use FF primarily for portrait work is low-light capability of the larger sensor which allows lower ISO settings, and also some higher detail in the 100%, which allows large-size printing as well as cropping options. There also seems to some camps of thought that some/many FF sensors have a "warmer" look to their photos, but I cannot confirm this as I have never shot with one. Note also that "portrait photographers" may also prefer the lens options that come with FF and relating focal length directly to a 35mm.

Now, the 7D can basically shoot anything you want it to, but being as it is a APS-C, you would have to do the math as to how a given focal length relates to a 35mm equiv. Also, since a APS-C is not as sensitive as a FF, you may have to use a higher ISO when shooting natural light, which may cause a need to use PP to de-noise (if noise is present). Also, if the photo is not as "warm" as desired, but this is easily corrected in PP, just make sure you have a RAW image to work with.

So, to answer your question, yes that 7D can do portrait work no problem. Although I have never owned a 40D, my guess is that you will find the 7D is like your 40D "on steroids"

Keep asking whatever questions you need to here, this is a great resource for learning. Also consider getting David Busch's "Canon EOS 7D Guide" - it is a great book.

Thanks for this response. This is exactly that kind of support and advice I was hoping to get.

The words above are correct for FF:  " for portrait work with its low light capability"

I've come to understand what this means in terms of pictures over the last three years since I shoot both crop and FF.

On crop, iso 100-400 no problem. I don't hesitate.  But these settings lock you in to a certain light, background look, etc.  You need to know what iso100-400 means to shots.    If you have the light, or can control the light, I don't hesitate to use my 60d/40d.  But when the light goes down, or you are trying to drag the shutter to bring the ambient light in to light the backdrop, and you begin to use iso 800, iso 1600, iso 3200 -- then my preference for sharper. cleaner, better color photographs is my 5dc.

I'm photographing today -- and will use three cameras -- but with this always in my mind.  If the light is good enough, I will use up to iso1250 on my crop cameras, but if the light is not good enough, I will switch to my 5dc for iso800 and above

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