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Re: Go look at the dial
In reply to Zee Char, Oct 5, 2012

Zee Char wrote:

jm67 wrote:

I haven't spent as much time on these forums or been around as long as many others but I have still seen my share of (sorry but there is no other word for it) somewhat lame questions like this.  You'd think that after three years of the camera being on the market and countless previous posts covering the exact same topic (can a 7D shoot people too, not just birds) that there would be an end to it.  I'm sorry OP, but I just don't understand why you would think the camera is incapable of shooting portraits simply because it excels more than others at following action.  That is simply a function of it's advanced AF system, not because the camera is "made" for that purpose (only).  Heck, there's even yet another thread going right now with someone wondering why their pics are so noisy above iso 300.  While at the same time, there are a couple of threads with people showing off how their 3200 iso shots look great, and they really do.  I can understand why some long time posters here who don't mind sifting through the threads trying to help people might feel as though their heads and brick walls seem to meet, a lot.

Problem is most people do not want to search. They have a specific question and want the answer right away. Comes with living in the age of instant information. Besides a search gives bits and pieces and sometimes it takes far longer to find an answer than it takes to resolve an issue. I hated doing searches when I first started but it is easier now as sifting to get what I need is easier.

I understand that.  I must admit that doing searches can be a chore.

I would not same it was a lame question. I was interested in member responses. I responded because I felt like it. I ignore many questions because I decide people can do a little more research or someone else will answer. This is a world wide open forum and will never change. Best thing to do is just pick and choose so our time is not wasted.

I have no qualms with anyone answering, helping or ignoring.  I take the same tact and for the most part, I just read and sometimes I learn something.  I got caught up in BAK's sarcasm and wondered why the OP thinks the 7D wouldn't do for him what the 40D did.  Let me just say I found the question odd and that to the OP I would just say that I have spent 3 years ONLY shooting portraits with a 7D and that yes it can surpass the 40D in many regards.

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