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Re: Go look at the dial
In reply to BAK, Oct 4, 2012

BAK wrote:

Go look at the dial on top of the camera.

It does NOT have a little picture of a head.

Little pictures of heads tell people that the camera can take portrait pictures.

If there is no picture of a head, it is pretty obvious that the camera cannot take portraits. If people do not have running shoes on and shirts with numbers, the camera will not click.

Canon has special face recognition that turns the camera off if the potential picture has people who are not moving fast, with a ball or a stick.

The original message came from a poster who did not notice the lack of a head on the dial, but he was suspicious and smart. Good thing he asked the question.


BAK- I'm not sure why you chose to post such a demeaning message. I posted to this forum because I thought it was a place where a photographer could turn to other photographers for advice/support and feel comfortable asking any question. I thought that even if people were not "paid" professionals, they could still act professionally. In fact, as I look at the top of my screen and see the first rule for posting to this site it is "be polite and civil."

I am by no means a beginner, and I know how to use my camera to get the effects I want. The reason for the posting of this particular question was because I am debating between the 7d, 6d and the 5dII. While I know that the 6d and 5dII are supposed to be much better for portraits, I am leaning toward the 7d because of some of its other capabilities. Also I can get the 7d along with a new lens for about the same cost as the 6d. I wanted to hear from people who have the camera what their experiences were. I wanted to hear if there were any portrait photographers using the 7d for their work, and if it gave them the quality they were looking for or if they felt it fell short. There is only so much you can learn about a camera from reading the specs they put down on paper.

It is people like you who scare off others from posting and in the process take away a good resource for people to learn. No matter how much experience a person has, you can always learn from others. Next time think about being supportive to a fellow photographer, and if you can't do that then please don't post anything at all.

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