Sony A99 vs Nikon D600 First high iso comparison

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Re:'ve got to be kidding me!!
In reply to TrojMacReady, Oct 4, 2012

TrojMacReady wrote:

Ma55l wrote:

You are entirely out of your mind. I only initiated the thread about the A77 and that was about a year ago.

You intiated close to a dozen threads with the same or a similar subject. Hence the deletion of many of those.

It's a funny thing Ma55l...sometimes your posts sound so sincere that I find myself almost wanting to give you the benefit of the doubt i.e. to accept your version of events which seems to be that you are just trying to go about your business as any other fellow forum member would, but you somehow keep finding yourself set upon by the Sony fanboys as soon as you voice something that doesn't agree with the majority opinion. But then I read a statement like the one above which is such a blatant lie it almost makes me laugh out loud (seriously...I had to stifle a laugh when I read it). As TrojMacReady pointed out, there were a stack of threads initiated by you bemoaning the A77's high ISO performance, not just 1 as you seem to be trying to imply by your use of the phrase "the thread".

In fact, if I recall you often played innocent in a lot of those threads too (or at least the 2 or 3 that I  had the patience to try and read through), as if each thread were the first time you were posting about the issue, and you couldn't understand why people were getting impatient and calling you a troll. Funnily enough, a lot of the people posting in this thread were around back then too, so do you really think they've all forgotten? Or is the martyr act for the benefit of the newbies who weren't around back then?

I really have given up trying to understand what you were trying to achieve then, and why you're at it again now. And while writing this reply I've also asked myself why your behaviour gets under my skin and irks me to the point that I'm actually bothering to reply (because it's certainly less effort to just ignore you). I think the answer is because you seem to take the members of this forum (or essentially anyone who reads your posts on this topic) for idiots.

Now I'm sure the D600 is a great camera - if Sony SLTs never existed I would have probably gone with Nikon myself. So, my suggestion is to go out and take some photos and enjoy it (which is what this hobby should be about first and foremost) instead of complaining (as you did ad nauseum about the A77) about a camera you're never going to buy.

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