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Sammy Yousef
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You can still salvage this without reverting
In reply to Simon Joinson, Oct 4, 2012


I have no doubt you guys have put a lot of effort into this. The problem is you're too close to it. It's like a photo you've taken that you think is fantastic but others are giving you less than great feedback. If you see that on the forums how do you react.

You've already decided it seems no matter what happens that you won't go back to the old format (which I'm not sure you can do anyway - it depends on how you've coded and converted databases) BUT nor will you make it look like the old forums even with the users telling you 2:1 or more that the old layout was better.

You're right about the editor being better and it does seem a truer representation, but you've buried that in such bad spaced out layout that it's impossible to see that minor improvement when faced with the rest.

Since you're set on this course the reality is you will lose some users out of this. Some temporary or some permanent. How many depends on how quickly you can restore a compact layout that the users like and find usable, and fix the bugs.

Right now I'm looking at a page and my box for posting is just over one sixth of the size. There's another sixth or sor taken up with adds and my username and bar. Another almost one third is just blank grey. Same when I view threads - under half the screen has informaiton I want or need. I understand the need for ads but as to the rest what a WASTE!

Also if you guys have been using it for weeks how did you miss some of the bugs users caught in the first 30 or 40 minutes? Why did you decide to convert the database over as it ran, which meant that some of us were in the middle of writing messages that got posted for minutes before being wiped because they hadn't been converted? Why did you decide to go live when features available on the old board were missing. (A change of layout, okay but features). Why did you decide to rename the forums on the same day? One change at a time wasn't enough? Why wasn't there more consultation regarding what people did want? Why isn't there instruciton on how the voting buttons work and how voting for a post affects a thread? Why did we have to work this out for ourselves?

You've got a huge user base. You can't just slap in changes and hope it will all be okay. I'm sorry you guys are coping flack because you've made some really really poor choices here.

Really I think the only thing you can do at this point is continue to listen to users about what they miss and want back from the old forum, and actually implement it with some humility. Don't just fix what you think should be fixed. Listen as much as you want to what the community want. That way you can actually get an eventually possible outcome, and possibly even salvage the situation. Also please go do some research about how user moderation and voting has worked on other boards, with special attention to what has been done to prevent trolling and how successful that has been.

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