Sony A99 vs Nikon D600 First high iso comparison

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Re: Sony A99 vs Nikon D600 First high iso comparison
In reply to sensibill, Oct 4, 2012

sensibill wrote:

Ma55l wrote:

We all understand that this is not the most scientific comparison but it is a good starting evaluation ...

Agree on the first point - do not agree on the second. I don't care which side is which or what cameras are involved here, that image is not applicable for any form of evaluation.

No offense! Just... Not in any way comparable.

Hi, I disagree. You don't have to be a chicken to know an egg. Take it for what its worth to you and that is fine. But in looking at many other images from many cameras over the years, you can and do see noise if you look, and that nosie level follows the same patterns for noise that will later show up on the precision sites with lab generated images. We can both look at any images from a D3S at iso 6400 and compare to any images from my Sony A700 shot at the same iso and note which camera clearly has less noise. No lab is needed for that.

How about we make a friendly gentleman's bet and chat when the camera experts render their evaluations and see if one can't use a combination of brain and eyes to predict (albeit without absolute precision) what the labs will clearly show. I feel that the D600 will have one to two stops less noise (not half the noise mind you) - but iso 6400 on the Nikon D600 will look like iso 3200 to 1600 on the Sony a99. Time will tell. I will wait patiently as Sony usually delays their release dates and obscures any official testing at the good sites like this one.  That is one reason that I started this thread  -so people can see what the manufacture is trying to hide.

Just to offer one more point - The DXOmark site has positioned the D600 as the second most light sensitive unit that they have ever tested. I don't think that the A99 sensor will best that and I wonder if you actually in reality feel that way after seeing the images on the opening post?  I suppose if you were a general in a war that you would wait until after the battle is lost to make your decisions on how to plan things out. No offense meant but G-d gave us brains and we should and can use them.

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