New DPR site sucks

Started Oct 3, 2012 | Discussions thread
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I wouldn't say suck...but certainly no added value.

1. "Recent Activity" used to list the forum that the post was in, and you could click it to go to that forum.  That's gone.

2. Your own posts standing out within a thread...that's gone.

3. The unread/read indicator is absolutely worthless indication is gone.

Other things...

  • Times are still in GMT when all other forums display local time (through a settings)
  • The question/answer feature makes no sense...what if the answer is wrong?
  • The mouseover preview is okay...though not helpful on replies because you just get the quoted text.
  • This editor is annoying because I'm used to the old one's annoyances and now there are new annoyances with no benefits. 

Bottom forum experience has not been enhanced.

EDIT: If I switch to yellow then I get bold/unbold for unread/read.  So they have to fix the blue.

Outside of questions of the's amazing how many programming issues there are.  Wasn't this tested?

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