Sony A99 vs Nikon D600 First high iso comparison

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Re: A change of heart???
In reply to The_Wicker_Man, Oct 3, 2012

The_Wicker_Man wrote:

Ma55l wrote:

Then I compared with the D600 images and knew that there was no comparison.

if you're referring to your OP, you are correct - that is not a valid comparison. so why not wait for one. on the other hand ...

i can't do with .... no inboard flash,

if that's the case, why are you concerned about any aspect of the A99's image quality (or indeed any other 'problem' with the camera)? why waste time looking at hundred's of photos taken with pre-production FW if the lack of a built-in flash precludes a purchase of the camera? do you think that you're providing some sort of service to others in posting the nonsense that is the opener to this thread? if so, you're more deluded than i thought

so, you're not satisfied with the quality of the a99, even though that may be based on a premature and invalid analysis? that's all well and good, but why bother to shout it from the rooftops and out yourself (again) as a clown - just go off and enjoy your D600, and let others make up their own minds about the respective qualities of cameras
i know what i know, which is a fraction of what i don't

There are no clowns here - only angry people because the Sony fanboy's dreams are being questioned.

Just look at the photos and decide what you want. You are certainly welcome to disagree. I do not shout anything I just point out. What I might shout about is the 700 extra for a camera that doesn't take pictures that are as good as I might want or in comparison to less expensive cameras (watch the Canon D6 - also 700 less but no inboard flash - and will likely have the lowest noise of all).

Hint - if you wanted to offset the differences in the handling of noise by the A99 Vs the D600, which will certainly be shown - just as it was for the A77, why not as a gentleman, instread of a snorting angry bull, point out the two stop benefit of antishake???? That would counter balance the differences except for sports and would be a valid point.

BTW I have looked at a lot of A99 photos - every one that I could track down on the internet - and I see that someone else made a comment in another thread that he could not find one tack sharp image at full size. I wouldn't say that I agree 100% but it does seem to be that a lot are not. Check on I don't think it is the lens or sensors - perhaps it just doesn't focus accurately enough on the move - or perhaps they just did not adjust the microadjust for the lenses that were used. A lot of the people taking a99 images might not be used to the way it has to be set up.

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