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newmikey wrote:

I'm now used to Bash which is the *nix batch processor

??? Bash is not a batch-processor, it's one of the available CLI-shells. See it as a desktop window to the command line... and sure it can process 'Shell scripts'. But these are more than just batch files like we are used to in DOS, they are real little programmable scripts with their own scripting language.

Since Windows is based on NT, it isn't 'build on DOS' anymore like earlier versions. DOS is an aged term, mostly we speak of the Windows Command line nowadays. It isn't used for 'disk operating system' anymore.

with a bit more tricks up its sleeve than DOS (piping is one of the most useful)

DOS (and the WCL) can and could do exactly the same... and it even uses the same syntax for it. It might be that you don't know DOS that well. But both Windows and Linux CLI can do very complex operations, that would take ages in a GUI.

Try, for example, to make a set of 3000 folders named A-000, B-000 and C-000 up till A-999, B-999 and C-999. in a CLI environment this takes only one command.
Or try copying a single file to multiple locations.

but I applaud posts like this! CLI processing is certainly not outdated an can still be a very efficient way to process whole folders full of hundreds of images in recordtime.

true. People that are into Linux often do have the advantage that they are more used to CLI-usage and see the strenghts of it

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