When everything old might become new again

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When everything old might become new again

This is stating the bobvious. Everyone know this. But the by-product does not get much air play.

It seems that there is trend happening towards FF sensors. Whatever the merit or demerit of a FF sensor is seems to be becoming the new necessity. Perhaps the manufacturers are getting closer to obliging?

The merits of FF over anything smaller are well known. One side benefit that has had a mention but not to the extent that it has been fully debated. That is the crop factor.

Not so much that the crop factor is just 1x instead of the more usual 1.5x of aps-c but the well understood effect of altering effective focal length. So far so good.

I postulate that by having a regular A12 mount in your kit-bag as well as the "new" FF mount module (if it might ever happen) you will be carrying a lens multiplier with no effect on your light capture ability. Not only doubling the versatility of the lenses owned but granting some "wider" wides as much as the aps-c grants some longer telephoto capabilities.

Therefore the "shortage" of re-cycled wide-wide lenses will disappear. Those wide angle lenses designed for 35mm film will be talking to 35mm sensors. I understand that capturing light on a FF sensor is not quite as easy as correctly capturing it on film, but if Leica/Nikon/Canon can do it then surely Sony has it worked out as well. They are making cameras to prove it.

Those of the gambling bent might even tailor current lens ownership so that prime lens focal lengths might not overlap when used alternatively with aps-c and FF. In one swoop your current lens stock would double in capacity and your existing lenses would become new again.

To my mind a FF mount module would not supersede the present A12 mount module, only supplement it.

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Tom Caldwell

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