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Re: Prints
In reply to JohnB71, Sep 29, 2012

I surely believe that both brands have good cameras. Cameras from both brands have pros and cons, but all are quite good.

Though, I did not mean to say that in my previous post: I meant that the OP should, in my opinion, test the newest cameras of both brands (this is why I wrote "state of the art cameras of both brands") to see what are the real differences in resulting prints.


JohnB71 wrote:

Alberto76 wrote:

If I were you, I would also try renting a 1DX and/or 5DIII along with the D800, just to try understanding the real life differences in sharpness that you can obtain among "state of the art" cameras of both brands.


HA!! Look at that someone else who can actually say both brands have state of the art cameras. A lot of the griping that goes on here is personal opinion of real life differences and personal opinion should be the "Final Answer!", use both and see what one feels right to you, I have and personally Canon colors are more appealing to me, but you to be able to say both brands are EXCELLENT

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