Sony A99 vs Nikon D600 First high iso comparison

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Re: Sony A99 vs Nikon D600 First high iso comparison
In reply to The_Wicker_Man, Sep 28, 2012

The_Wicker_Man wrote:

Ma55l wrote:

We all understand that this is not the most scientific comparison

what you seem to fail to understand that it is one of the most pointless comparisons we've seen on this forum

then again, your own contributions (i use the term loosely) are some of the most pointless on this forum

Well my old friend, they may be pointless for you as you are intensely biased. Where is your entry and how would you approach this at this point in time. There certainly are differences as anyone can plainly see from the work that I uploaded here. Why not disprove my theory with some photo comparisons of your own. I would enjoy that and that should be easy for you to do if I am so misguided and off the mark.

You can find the URLs for the high iso images for the Sony A99 and Nikon D600 at this prior post in this forum.

And if you have nothing of value to add - you and the other Sony fanboys and Sony police who are unwilling to accept clear truths should just go off in a corner and lament. Leave this forum to people that want to know and see what the capabilities really are so they can know how to spend their money wisely.

And lastly be certain that when Sony finally releases their final A99 production units next month, so that the comparative sites can give people the answers we are all looking for, I will report back in a new forum to show exactly what the comparative images show as to what the $700 more expensive, no inboard flash, Sony A99 can do. And if they are better I will be the first to aknowledge that. So lets wait for the lab generated A99 images. I believe they will be better at high iso than the lackluster A77 but will not be quite as good as the D600.

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