Why would you want to sell the Kodak P880?

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Spiridakis Michael
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Re: Why would you want to sell the Kodak P880?
In reply to NPPhoto, Sep 24, 2012

Speaking for the P880's lens and the CA&PF I can assure you that is minimal and very easily removable if RAW, but even in jpeg it is so minimal that someone may never deal with it.... when we are talking about it is only when we are talking as perfectionists or in other words as pixel pipers...

The lens has some problems only when is hitting directly the sun where some flares are obvious, but I can assure you again that other cameras do it better or even worst... my m43 EPL2 can not even look at the sun as huge square red spots are dominating the whole frame....

Speaking for the camera as a device one can say that is slow.... well this is mainly if someone wants to work only with RAW, @ this case it needs 12 seconds to write the file no matter how fast is the card... but again the camera is coming from an era that RAW was something very special... today one can have fast RAW + jpeg at the same time... on the other hand for many years was the only one camera able to develop RAW inside.... Fuji X10 and Nikon 7000/7100 came out after so many years to continue this tradition.

The biggest problem for me is the limited dynamic range as the sensor is coming from that era that smalls sensors was ISO 100 sensors at P880's case can be driven at ISO 400 but one must be experienced in pp to manage it... ISO 100-200 is the reality... well now one may ask me why it bothers me as in most (semipro) cases I use my nice tripod and shoot in ISO 100,,, well you have to see the difference between this sensor and the new generation sensors like the one my canon S90 (that is the same used in Nikon P7000/100, Canon G12 etc), its day and night.... working with RAW/lightroom, with these moderns small sensors is a joy... especially when you open the exposure and you have to manage noise in darks....

Finally 8 mpxls are not enough anymore if working in small rooms, and after straightening the lens distortions you end up with 5 or 6 mpxls and then again if you wish to crop @ 2:3 you may end up in 4 mpxls... 4-5.......

But once again the camera with a reasonable good tripod may be the only one camera for someone to do dignified photography... as this camera is a small sensor camera and not even a small sensor super zoom, one can have a grate experience in framing... and learn how to use the wide lens...

One can experiment in HDR, as the camera supports multiple exposures in the best way... one can experiment in street photography based in wide angle and time lapse mode... or make his own time lapse videos... All in all is a very creative camera...

Speaking for me.... well every time I use it.... I always come back with some keepers.... speaking truly what I miss with it is the joy of usage... it is just a pleasure to use one of the moderns Canon G12, or Nikon P7100, very reliable cameras, no problems in focusing, nice movable screens with crazy resolutions...

On the other hand maybe P880 is a more purist's camera as it manages very well not to exist... hehe I would dare to say... one may hold it wishing to hold a Canon instead... and shoot grate pictures... From this point of view... yes... the camera manage to disappear... For some people may be what they want....

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