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Re: Ouch !!!
In reply to Alex Sarbu, Sep 23, 2012

Ursinho73 wrote:

Alex, I'm aware that a couple of people claim that Pentax' 645D outsells all other digital medium format cameras combined. However, I've never seen any market share data to back up that claim. So, could you please point me to some information that verifies your statement?

Alex Sarbu wrote:

Consider it an educated guess, if you wish - unfortunately, I don't have sales data.

Ursinho73 wrote:
I'm afraid that that's exactly the answer that was to be expected.

Alex Sarbu wrote:

You don't have sales data either; only that 20%.

Yes, true, that's why I asked for them. It seems reasonable, however, to stick to those 20%-remarks as long as no further data are available, rather than defaulting to supposed hints and wild guesses.

Ursinho73 wrote:

Now, if Leica is on a loss with its DMF offering - and will continue to be so for a couple of years to come - despite having a higher market share, despite being able to ask twice the price of a 645D and despite having costumers than cannot buy system lenses on the used market, well, than the Pentax digital medium format exercise is almost for sure a financial nightmare beyond imagination !

Alex Sarbu wrote:

I beg to differ. Pentax has a significant advantage: they were able to share R&D, production and distribution costs with small format cameras.

Ursinho73 wrote:

And how would that be any different for Leica?

Alex Sarbu wrote:

Are they by chance sharing S2's AF module with the M rangefinders? How many component-sharing rangefinders are sold by Leica? Exactly what is shared?

I don't know to what extent Leica's DMF shares components like displays, processor chips, solid state memory or wire and connector assemblies with other company offerings - nor do I know that for Pentax' 645D for that matter.

However, both cameras, 645D and S2, apparantly seem to share the most expensive part, the sensor. If Leica's market share would indeed be higher and economies of scale at this level would be of any importance, than this would work in favour for them. With AF modules, though, it obviously would be the other way around.

Anyway, I seriously doubt that parts cost at this level could compensate for 2-3 times the product price plus turn many years of losses into immediate profits. So no, if Leica can't earn any money in DMF, Pentax couldn't either.

I'd bet the 645D is profitable.

Just make sure that your stake money remains in the pennies...

I'm not afraid to bet a full pound.

Well, that seems a very reasonable limit to me.


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