Why insist on FF format?

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Re: OMD Vs D800
In reply to oklaphotog, Sep 23, 2012

oklaphotog wrote:

viorel wrote:

FF will not disappear, because one reason...depth of field. Physics cannot be ignored.

Most people struggle to get ENOUGH dof, not less.

Sorry, but that's just non-sense, and historically not true. Today, it's easier to achieve more DOF than ever before. Why? Well, there are several reasons. Firstly, high ISO quality is better than ever, allowing people to stop down their lenses for more DOF. Plus, more and more cameras have image stabilization, allowing steady shots when stopped down. Plus, smaller format sensors mean shorter focal lengths, which also yield greater depth of field. So when you combine the factors of high quality high ISO + stopping down the lens + image stabilization + shorter focal length lenses, it's easier than ever to achieve enough DOF. It's really ridiculous to say that people are struggling to get enough DOF with today's cameras! LOL. That's just silly and hilarious.

Back in the film days, we all shot 35mm "full frame" , we used longer focal lengths which yielded less DOF, fewer lenses had image stabilization, no cameras had in-body stabilization, and most of us never shot film that was faster than ISO 800. And yet, even back then, we still managed to get sufficient DOF. Compared to those days, to say that most people are struggling with enough DOF today is simply absurd. If you want more DOF, just bump up the ISO and stop down the lens, for crying out loud! Between high ISO, shorter lenses, image stabilization, and stopping down the lens, your argument really doesn't have much to stand on.

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