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technic wrote:

Joaquin_peme wrote:

His old camera still takes pictures, but the canon real answer to that D800 would do even better and would perform similarly to what others are already enjoying in the 35mm format. Please, stop calling people stupid unless clear evidence can be found....

Some people on this forum, especially many of the Canon fanboys, think that the whole pro/FF world is about shooting weddings (and sports), and that landscape photographers and the like are irrelevant because 'they don't make any money'

Nikon will be rewarded for recognizing that the Pro photographer is a declining group, and that you can sell many more cameras to prosumers and pure hobby users, as long as you offer best value for money. Although in perspective, I think that Nikon also doesn't fully get it yet either, and may face stiff competition in the near future from faster moving companies like Sony.

You just answered your own question, but ignored a reality. Pro photography overall may be in the decline, but there are segments that are thriving. Also, more and more amateurs are competing, without getting paid, with pros for a presence in the market. Only one of those segments require high resolution, product photography, and that segment is one that is probably the weakest because companies are having their own employees do the work they used to hire photographers in to do, and using Rebels to do it. Wedding photography is on the upswing, with more and more amateurs joining the ranks plus former product photogs getting into the act because it's the sector that's getting paid, even if less than before. When you add in the maternity, baby, boudoir and portrait business that's being generated, there's a lot going on. So, why make a pro level camera for a declining sector? Why not make one for the market that's booming, as far as number of photographers, if not cash flow.

Now, many magazines are getting their content from unpaid amateurs, rather than professionals, so why shouldn't Canon (and Nikon for that matter) provide them with the tools to get the images they need? Heck, they're buying gear to get the ultimate image, even if they don't get paid for it. So if a skateboarding mag can take your stuff if it's good enough, you'll buy a 12fps body to get it, not withstanding that the photos are free. Heck get 'em to buy the new 200-400, overpriced as it is, and, as a camera company, you've really scored!

Landscape is a small part of high end photography, which, in itself is a small niche, a small blip on the radar of the photography market. You may be important to you, and understandably so, but stop telling people that it's a huge market that's being ignored. It isn't. When you add in the relatively small number and relatively low cost of lenses that a landscape photographer can be expected to buy in the course of his/her career, the financial incentive to cater to that market becomes even less.

Oh, and Canon and Nikon realize the size of the market, that's why the proliferation of Rebels and low level Nikons. They know where the money is, and it isn't up at the high end.
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