Why insist on FF format?

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The answer is precise and laconic:

"Mike replies: to me, the three biggest advantages of full frame are as follows, in order:

Restores larger, higher-magnification viewfinders in DSLRs similar to 35mm SLR viewfinders;

Restores legacy 35mm focal lengths to their accustomed angles of view (important for wide-angle lenses);

A little better quality in some shooting circumstances (not necessarily all) if you're making large, high-quality prints."

Does this rock your boat considering the difference in price? It doesn't mine.

BTW in mirrorless one can have EVF whose size is not dictated by that of the mirror, so that leaves substantially the last two. I don't do prints so I am not interested.

One can miniaturise FF bodies, like Sony but lenses will be substantially bigger, more expensive, with no visible difference.

People will moan about the superior bokeh of FF but I don't mind. I chose 4/3 for the opposite reason. I don't need bokeh, i prefer everything in focus, most of the time.

So, know thy system and the answer will come by itself. 4/3 was a deliberte choice, when FF was already there. The Phoblographer made an interesting comparison between the Leica and the E-P2 and showed that there was no visible difference in resolution.

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