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Re: I really have to agree with you on...
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Skip M wrote:

Silvex wrote:

Skip M wrote:

Silvex wrote:

...most of this. Especially everything related to flash or lack thereof. This is really a head scratcher. Even the Rebels have 1/200 sync. And APS-C users are going to balk at paying north of $200 for an IR transmitter. But on the other hand, Canon could have been the first FF launched in the $1,500 market. I think then, the response would have been more of: "You can't have everything at that price."

Possibly the dome that would house the flash is where they installed the circuitry for the GPS and WiFi? Seems likely...

So I guess my question to Canon would be: When did GPS and WiFi become more important to the craft of photography than getting proper lighting and focus? I'm not say that GPS and WiFi aren't cool, but what photographer would trade them for wireless flash control, faster X-sync, or a few more cross-type AF points?

Your answer may lie here:

People on this forum have, for years screamed bloody murder that this camera or that doesn't have built in GPS, so this is probably a case of Canon listening to it's client base, just like they seem to have with the 5D3 and we've seen how well that camera was received on it's introduction. Canon gives these people what they want, and they subsequently find something else to dislike about Canon's offerings. It used to be entertaining, but now it's just annoying. There's no rational discussions of a cameras points, it's overwhelmingly "I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS CAMERA AND I HATE CANON FOR NOT BUILDING THE EXACT CAMERA THAT I'VE DREAMED ABOUT FOR YEARS AT THE SAME PRICE AS MY FIRST KODAK BROWNIE!!!!" It's just plain gotten ridiculous. Look at the number of threads here that essentially say the same, unrelentingly negative things about a camera that no one has even touched.

I don't really understand the "Canon owes us something," entitlement mentality either. Canon has every right to produce the products they want and charge whatever they choose for them.

However, this camera is somewhat of an enigma. Why wouldn't Canon have added the GPS and WiFi stuff to the 5D3 to help justify the price? Why leave off some more basic features essential to the craft but add the extras?

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