Second lens for travel - 70-300 or 28-300

Started Sep 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Jeff Klofft
Jeff Klofft Veteran Member • Posts: 3,551
Second lens for travel - 70-300 or 28-300

I looking to add a telephoto lens for travel purposes to match with the 24-120 f/4. I see value in either the 70-300 or interestingly the 28-300. Here are my thoughts

Is really good where the 24-120 isn't the best (70-120)
Less expensive (especially since I own one and would see it if I got the 28-300)
Very slighly lighter
Somewhat better IQ
Is a true 300mm (no focus breathing)
Longer - This is an issue as I it does limit my choice of camera bags

Would need to carry both lenses if I wanted both wide and tele (this can be a bigger issue for me as I like to walk around with a single camera/lens combination)

Would give me two excellent single lens/camera combinations depending on need
Somewhat smaller
Close focusing at 300 for detail shots
Both 77mm Filters
Somewhat lower IQ
More expensive

Anyone else faced a similar situation? What did you choose?

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