Some shots from the Vancouver skids ...

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Jack Simpson
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Re:apaflo// Some shots from the Vancouver skids ...
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apaflo wrote:

Jack Simpson wrote:

linux99 wrote:

sneaking pictures of poor people simply is neither Art

eye of the beholder

nor particularly cool.

some are taking candidly whilst others are taken in (mutually)
plain view

Hi Floyd,

I'll admit that I saw almost nothing of value in your selection of images,


though only one was actually offensive.

I'm guessing the first (1st) pic

The problem is an apparent lack of value,

one's perspective

other than entertainment looking at the sorry state of some of the people who are less fortunate than ourselves.

trust me, it ain't entertainment and, as for less fortunate, they, I,you, we all make decisions

I don't mind as such the photography of down and out folks, but not for entertainment.

again, trust me, not entertainment

That includes simply making a good photograph, if it has no other value; it just takes from people who have no defenses

Again, we all make decisions and, as for, no defenses, I'm really not sure what
you mean?

and who receive nothing in return.

"nothing in return" ... if you mean, do I pay them when I take their picture?
No way, I would never enable their drug habit in that manner. Besides, every-
time I purchase something in a shop, I pay taxes, and every paycheque I
receive I have taxes taken off -- maybe it different in Alaska, I don't know --
and all those taxes (I pay) go towards the welfare cheque they pick up every
month and everytime one of them OD's or steals something from a shop or
breaks into someone vehicles and there is a police or ambulance presence, who
do you, Floyd, think pays for that .... not them ... I, along with everyone else
who pays taxes in Vancouver (and BC) and that includes tourists visting from
around the world, including Alaska. So, yes, Floyd,they do receive something
in return ........ it's just they do nothing to earn it.

It demeans them even further, and for them is a re-enforcement of the walls that have closed in around them to imprison them where the are.

I think, Floyd, they, usually, only have one wall and that's the one they're leaning

against ....... if you don't the sidewalk they're standing/sleeping/sitting/$hitting
on. So, the only thing imprisoning them is themselves. Because, there are
numerous organisations that are (more than) willing to help them but, if they

don't (or can't) decide by themselves to try improve their life ... who can? Or,

as I stated on FB: "but one of them is for people who just want to hand/give everything to the folks (in the area of the pics I took) without having them to be accountable or responsible for their own well being and, at least, trying to,at least, reach out for the hand that is trying to help them up."

If you can find a way to use your talent as a photographer to help them, a way to improve their lot, then it is very much worth doing for both you and for them. Take pictures that attract useful and respectful attention to their difficulties. Take pictures that build their self esteem

it'll take a lot more than pictures .... but, if they view themselves in pictures (of
their current life), it might give them impetus to make some decisions to better

as well as yours.

I'm not doing to bad, thanks

Be a help rather than just another part of a world that piles on and crushes some people.

See above



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It's amazing what one can do when one doesn't know what one is doing

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