D600, for me too little, too late for too much

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Re: D600, for me too little, too late for too much

The ignorant and childish ones are the ones not being able to answer with smart arguments to a civilised conversation.

freddyNZ wrote:

FTH wrote:

freddyNZ wrote:

reddirt14 wrote:

It's an FX camera. Why does everyone compare it to the D7000 and D300s? It's not intended as an upgrade to those cameras.

Exactly. Some Dx users will move to Fx, some won't.

I'm so tired of reading the "d600 disappointment" threads. For what many people buying this camera will use it for, it will easily outperform the D3x - at 1/2 the size and 1/4 the price.

If they know that they need an AF button, more pixels, less pixels, or higher burst speed, then they should be able to work out what to buy instead.

Because the author is 100% right about quick obsolescence of DSLR cameras and the fact that Nikon doesn't even match his own cheaper products such as the D7K with the D600 : The D600 is clearly an outdated shrink out D7K with a "FX" sensor and this, is not normal, especially for a 2000$ camera. Moreover their is NO proper innovation in video since years now which is mind-blowing, knowing the fact that Nikon was the proud "inventor" of video DSLR...

And the argument of FX vs DX is quite obsolete also today, you may gain 1 stop of noise and be able to take advantage of a wider angle prime lens such as the 28mm 1.8G but that's about it. If the goal is to add more weight to your shoulders and pay an arm for bigger Tele-photo glass, it is up to you. I do Like FX cameras but the D600 doesn't fit well in any category, especially at this price tag : it is a 800$ body better than a D3200 and worse than a D7K, with a FX sensor and outdated video.

I'm sure there are plenty of regulars in this forum who don't take such umbrage at the fact that an FX sensor will totally outperform crop sensors for many uses.

What's "not normal" is to have an FX sensor dslr available with nikon mount for about $2,100 list price, a premium of about $900 over the D7000 list price, compared to a premium of about $1300 for the D700 over the D300 when they were released.

There shouldn't be an "argument" about DX vs FX, they are just different formats.

Yours is about the most childish (and ignorant) post I've seen relating to the D600.

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