Underwater housing for RX100

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Re: Underwater housing for RX100
In reply to neonexxer, Sep 12, 2012

neonexxer wrote:

Took delivery of my Recsea RX100 housing this morning.

Quick Impressions:

The mode dial slips a bit, but I expected that since the RX100's dial is quite firm and the housing's dial engages it only via a friction contact with an O-ring.

Most frustrating control for me was the the rotating dial on the rear panel, the one flanked by the 4 rear buttons. While the positions was perfect, this particular control was far too sensitive and would often rock in a different axis from the intended one, or activate with very light pressure. During my test hour, I was constantly getting it wrong if I tried to operate the wheel with just my right thumb as I held it with my right hand. The only way to guarantee accurate activation was for me to use my left thumb and forefinger. A bit frustrating, but I suspect I'd get used to it, or improve my right thumb accuracy with more practice. I'll have to try the controls with dive gloves next time to see if operatibility suffers any without direct "finger feel".

Overall, I love this housing. It feels hewn from solid, because it is.


Hi Neo,

I hope all good with you.

I have not got my Nauticam NA-RX100V ( video version ) but have mess with the RX100 "normal" type, which is NA-RX100 ha ha ha.

I now know why your rear dial on RecSea doesn't live up to the expectation of precise operation and often accidental activation.

Can u check if your RecSea gimbal inside the back door, if it is the same as these photos :



Which is the same one as what RecSea uses for its S100


That rear dial on RX100 is Sony's famous Tri-Nav, same as the one on my NEX7. I been awed by Nauticam NEX7 for its mechanical interface towards Sony Tri-Nav. I was so thrilled that RX100 actually gets the same Tri-Nav and Nauticam RX100 uses the same mechanicals as Nauticam NEX7 for Tri-Nav. I have decoded Nauticam's gimbal system for Sony's Tri-Nav, so no surprise when I see RecSea system, I know why you are experiencing those you complaint about.

So I took a closer look at RecSea rear dial and its gimbal for you. I love this kind of engineering challenge.

I know why RecSea rear dials can never mimic Sony original Tri-Nav control.

The problem with RecSea design is, mechanically it can never achieve its goal with their kind of dial+gimbal design.

RecSea also failed to remember that RX100 Tri-Nav is not the same as S100 kind of Tri-Nav and therefore they can not simply place a dial+gimbal suitable on S100 to an RX100.

Observe carefully the differences between Canon S100 and Sony RX100 Tri-NAV

What do you see on S100 version of Tri-Nav vs Sony one ?

The S100 Tri-Nav is a 3 mechanical interface or assy ( assembly) in one. The Sony TriNav is a 2 mechanical interface or assy in one, but both serving 6 actions.

S100 spinning dial assy is only the most outer diameter being the spinning one and that is a dedicated spinning mechanism. The middle diameter assy is separated from the outer diameter and it is for the 4 buttons. This is why the legends/labels is on the middle diameter, because this assy does not spin. The middle button stay as push-only button, be it in S100 or RX100.

RX100 Tri-Nav has only two assy ( assembly), one is the spinning outer diameter and the middle stay as push-only button. The spinning outer diameter assy hid the 4 micro switches underneath it , which I called the north-south-east-west. This is why on RX100 the legend or label is on the camera body outside the dial and not on the dial, because the legend/label will spin along if so......ha ha ha.

A Sony Tri-Nav is a superb Tripple Control based on two assembly only. It can be a dial, spin it left and right. It can be ON/YES at all four ends north-south-east-west and the middle button is another ON/YES button. So total are 6 actions ( movements ), but the middle ON/YES button I marked as no 5 is actually independent. This no 5 is no issue at all. So the rest of the 5 actions are :

  • Actions no 1 to 4 are buttons, push buttons

  • Action 6 is rotational, so we need a dial.

See below the Nauticam RX100 engineering approach for Sony Tri-Nav controls.
The solution is by the special gimbal.


Below is a better view of RX100 gimbal from a NEX7, same thing just different color

Below is RecSea gimbal as per BackScatter link

p: recsea.com/Recsea/products/dslr/sony_rdh-snex7.html

Will continue....................

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