Backfocus problems need to be fixed by Nikon?

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Re: Said it wrong
In reply to mosswings, Sep 11, 2012

mosswings wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

BijouStGuy wrote:

Hi Mako,

Could you explain what you mean by "...the 35mm plane of focus falls outside the DOF consistently at f/1.8..". Thanks for your time.

I actually said it wrong. I should have said if the POINT OF FOCUS falls outside the DOF consistently. The plane of focus is the point directly between the farthest point that starts to show focus blur and the nearest point that shows focus blur (center of DOF). DOF is that range between closest in focus point and farthest in focus point. Ideally we want the point we focus on to coincide with the center of DOF or focus plain (with some minor caveats).

I think it's unacceptable if the Point of Focus consistently falls outside the DOF (and it can not be corrected by AF fine tune if the camera has that).....Nikon should fix that.

Thank you for correcting me. Hope I haven't confused more.

Mako, sorry to be persnickety, but technically it isn't possible for the point of focus to fall outside of the DOF. Depth of field is a derived phenomenon; it's the zone AROUND the point of focus that displays less than a certain amount of blur. I think that what you may be trying to say is that the positioning accuracy of the focus plane will be less than some fraction of the depth of field expected for that combination of FL, aperture, and subject distance.

Thanks, got to get my terms in order Point of Focus is how I'm referring to the point/subject/place you are trying to focus on. Point the camera at a flat target in the distance (that target is now the Point of Focus) with the focus box on it and af confirmed....the if the target (POF) falls outside the DOF of the actual resulting picture...and can not be corrected with AF-Fine tune....then Nikon should fix it.

I need a diagram....that somebody labels correctly for me

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