Backfocus problems need to be fixed by Nikon?

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shutterbud wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

Based on your description of the problem it's doubtful the the body is actually back-focusing. I would sent both in if you get an RMA with Nikon. Good Luck

My cattiness was not directed at you, Mako. Just in the interests of clarity
Could you be more specific about the above comment please?

Looking through the recent shots in which this problem has manifested, it seems that wider than f/2.5 is where the problem lies. f/1.8 is showing clear backfocussing issues, whereas 2.5 and down seems fine. I deduce this is more likely to be a lens issue?

Me also, trying to help without adding persoan;l bias. I have to work on that

You wrote in the OP: " at least with the AF-S 35mm f/1.8" that and your additional description above seems to indicate the 35mm could use a tad bit of adjustment vs the body as it doesn't seem to be happening with other lens. Not sure if you have other fast glass with tight DOF to check but if all your other glass puts the plane of focus in the same spot (for the most part using the method in the link I provided you can see exactly where plane of focus falls) It's the quirk with the 35mm. Also note if there is a significant dif in bright daylight vs dimmer artificial light. Nikon may be able to slightly adjust the AF secondary mirror also and not affect your other lenses regards focus point. They normally test with a known 50mm lens they use. That's why it's good to send body and lens in with a problem like this. You might also stop by a local store and simply try another sample. A liveView vs PDAF comparison in store can make it obvious as to a body vs lens issue.

It's my understanding that this can be a problem with some glass wide open and not necessarily a body problem. Be sure and check with LiveView too as it shouldn't back-focus in liveView.

Best of Luck

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