D800: How Nikon packs shipment to customer

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Re: My take on this foolishness
In reply to TOF guy, Sep 11, 2012

TOF guy wrote:

Nippondenso wrote:

I would venture a guess why Nikon not wanting to "do the right thing" is the same reason you wouldn't sell your used car on craigslist with a two year bumper-to-bumper warranty to a total stranger and list it "AS IS" to protect your best interests.

I would venture that if I see the seller bump the gear right before the sale you or I will ask for some form of compensation like a lower price and not necessarily take the seller assurance that the gear is fine as face value. Or maybe we'd just walk away from the sale. But the situations work differently and in the O/P case there is no walk away.

Why wouldn't you offer the potential buyer a two year bumper-to-bumper warranty? I'm sure you are so confident in human nature you would have taken the gamble and listed it as part of the sale.

There are of the order of 1,500 parts in a D800. Yeah I'm pretty sure it would have taken Nikon more than a few hours to completely evaluate the camera.

So, a tech should fully disassemble a working D800 to look for something

No, he checks to the best of his abilities in a reasonable amount of time and offers a warranty in case something is wrong, Precisely.

How do you know he didn't? Where you there with a stop watch?

that isn't there?

And you know that because ....

Because I do.

WOW! I'm glad I got time to kill. This is amazingly funny.

Yes your posts are very amusing.

I'm glad you are enjoying them.

Just going by statistics. Nikon statistically builds a decent product and stands behind it.

You knowing anything about statistics? Let's do statistics together then! One of the people who posts here goes by the nickname of "D800". "D800" in this forum has received 7 D800 spread over time except 3 of them from the same batch.

That claim in itself is foolish.

What happened to the guy who goes by statistics?

You can prove he had 7 D800s?

You've got no luck there he posted a picture of the invoices

And he's not the only one. You conveniently removed the reference to Bjorn. So typical of you.

Sorry, didn't feel the need to waste my time reading you full post. Didn't feel like I lost anything of value.

Even if he did, that doesn't mean a single one had any "issues" that would affect performance.

Miscalibrated AF sensor will affect the performance of the sensor. But there is not point explaining the obvious to you.

Really? My D800E has no problems with focus.

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