Canada closes Iran embassy, says Tehran 'most significant threat' to world peace

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René Schuster
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Re: About time...
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René Schuster wrote:

Wrong again, nothing against people of Jewish faith

I never said anything about Judaism (Ie: the Jewish religious component)...I said Jewish...please don't confuse the two seperate things.

but not a friend of Zionists, the politics of the Zionist Jerusalem administration and the Zionist brainwashing of the not so educated part of the US society. Jews and Zionists, a difference like day and night! But I'm sure you know this, don't you!?

Kinda like YOU knew the difference between Judiasm and Jewish - right

Too bad it's already past midnight and I've got to go to bed now just when it is getting interesting, as I have to get up early tomorrow morning, my "summer holidays" since June 1st are over (spine surgery).

Jewish, the Jewish religious component - here Zionist rhetoric/philosophy comes in, lol!

Being Jewish no longer seen as simply being a member of this religion, as it was over thousands of years, but being Jewish seen the way Hitler used to see it, "Jewish" being a race of its own! Sure, you never use this word "race", but it's always rather amusing to see your workaround, talking about this "psycho-cultural ethnicity, a kind of nationality" or something in that sense.
EDIT: "Ethno-cultural identity", lol, just seen it in your reply to gibigb.

Mentioned here:

Will check back maybe tomorrow night, if possible.

Yes, the Jews are controlling America and seek world domination

Congrats, I see you've got it! Endlich!

Please let me know when it actually happens coz I'm waiting for my free hummus and rtn air tickets to Tel Aviv 3 times per year

Free, free, free - is all you guys can think about is money?
TA, hmm, I really hope TA survives Netanjahu's politics!


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