Anyone planning to get the new Zeiss 2/135?

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Re: Too close with my ZF 100
In reply to Dodi73, Sep 9, 2012

First, so far all "Zeiss" lenses (for 35mm DSLRs) have been manufactured by Cosina, Japan. So they are not fully trully Zeisses... ;-). Hopefully this new generation will be made in Germany (?).

Second, I have also had a "I-want-the-Zeiss-quality" period.... No doubt there are really top-notch pieces in Zeiss line-up + the mechanical quality won´t let you in doubts about the lifetime durability. But....

I don´t think I have bad eyes but I´ve found out that critial focusing with fast lenses such as 35/1.4, 85/1.4, 100/f2 (and expectedly this new 135/f2, too) is virtually impossible using the manual focus. At least for me. Yes, you got a chance during bright day and with a patient, stationery subjects. But this ideal scenario is quite rare in all-around shooting. From what I ´ve tried (35/1.4, 85/1.4 and 100/f2), 70% were focus misses even though I would swear I got it right in the viewfinder (of course I was shooting wide open - that´s what you usually buy the expensive fast lenses for... ). With Nikon AF 85/1.4, the focus misses are about 10-15% with my D700, just for comparison (of course I count here the out-of-focus pics caused by the slight subject movement which I guess is the main cause for the "misses" anyway).

Honestly, I´m the one who can appreciate and pay some extra for the real quality. But tell me, what is the point having a top Zeiss lens when the manual focusing is so hard to work with (using today´s focusing screens)...?

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