RX100 lost some images

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Re: some questions

NotThePainter wrote:

Odd, I've been shooting for years and this is the first time it happened. Odd enough to make me think it wasn't a card failure, after all, shouldn't the directory structure, or some existing picture data have been compromised instead of just the first n shots?

My suspicion, and it's just wild speculation at this point, is that something happened with the camera itself that prevented it from writing to the card. I actually had this happen to me a couple of weeks ago where I was taking some pictures with the RX100 and noticed at one point that it came up with a "writing to card" message that wouldn't go away. I wasn't doing any continuous burst shooting or anything, so I thought it was rather unusual to have this message appear. Finally, after waiting for maybe a half minute or so, I had to pop the battery out and back in again to get the camera to respond again, and noticed after reviewing the pictures that I had lost at least the last two or three pictures I had taken before the camera locked up with the message. The funny thing is, there was no break in the sequence numbering of the files for pictures I took afterwards. Not sure if there is any significance to that, but I would have thought that if it had been a card problem, the file numbering would have continued on from where the lost pictures had left off. Perhaps there is a bug in the firmware that caused the camera to lock up and not save the pictures taken to the card?

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