Why I am voting for Obama this time

Started Sep 4, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Why I am voting for Obama this time
Sep 4, 2012

First off I don't trust any politicians so a certain amount of mistrust is par for any politician at this point.

Last time I didn't want to vote for Obama since I knew nothing about him and people were voting for him just because he was black which ticked me off.

Now I realize that he is an atheist and knows how important it is that America not be considered a christian nation. I am scared to death of people trying to eliminate separation of church and state.

Next he worked his buttoff to get a health care bill to pass to help millions of America, what bad can you say about a guy who does that?

It's ridiculous how many people make fun of him and blame him for the bad economy when it's all bush's fault and the republicans in congress. Especially since they admitted to making a point of screwing Obama's presidency up as much as they can.

Also it's not like voting for romney/ryan is even an option. They are such huge liars and dirtbags and only want to help themselves and rich friends while pandering to illiterate America who still want to live in the dark ages. It should tell you something when they base their whole campaign on the slogan "we built this" as if to mock something Obama never said.

So I have to ask, WHAT is it that is keeping people loyal to the republican party when they have such baffoons running it?

Is it your christian religion? romney is a mormon. Also they want to hurt the poor not help it.

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