Ramblings and Canon 600 EX-RT feedback required

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Ramblings and Canon 600 EX-RT feedback required

Current Nikon shooter here but just weighing up the latest offerings from Canon and considering a switch but not really committed to one at this point in time.

Have to say up front that as far as supporting either company I don't have a brand preference as such. I started out with Nikon and know the qualities and quirks of the system pretty well.

I shoot on location portraits and lifestyle as well as functions, weddings etc.

Some of the things that have interested me to date with the latest Canon offering are:

1) 5D3 AF. I have read a fair bit on this and have had a play in the shop and it seems to be lightning fast. I have also read various feedback which would indicate that accuracy is also very good. AF is VERY important to me. Specifically, initial acquisition/lag, accuracy and low light focussing ability (low light functions, etc).

A short lag time can mean that you miss capturing a moment that hits you by surprise. I find the Nikon AF system to be extremely accurate and consistent but I am still not satisfied with the initial lag/lock on time (I have used all of the Nikon gear for the past several years including the latest D800 and D4 on several occasions).

I am struggling to understand why Canon don't light up the AF point in red like the Nikon system. I have read on here that many are use to it but I would have thought it was a no brainer and something that is very easily added to the system at little cost. This really is beyond me and could be a prohibiting factor for my purposes as my eye site is not brilliant these days.

2) High ISO - Obviously everyone has an opinion on this but my own testing (side by side in shop high ISO RAW tests in crappy indoor lighting) tell me that the difference between the 5D3 and D800 are negligible and therefor not a determining factor for my purposes.

3) I like the colour rendition of the Canon system. I do have profiles that convert my Nikon files to more pleasing colours (for MY taste) so this is not a huge factor but still something to consider.

4) I like the quality and variety of the Canon lens lineup. I work with Canon shooters and have used the 5D2 and various lenses. Hate the 5D2 AF but loved the clarity/contrast from the lenses. Specifically the 70-200 f/2.8.

Also very keen to see how the new 24-70 ii shapes up (not a huge fan of the Nikon version).

5) DR - Yep, has been discussed to death on here. Obviously the Nikon takes the lead here but the 5D3 is roughly in line with my current Nikon gear so I already understand the limitations here.

6). I am very interested in the new Canon flash system and would appreciate feedback from actual users. I do shoot a lot of off camera flash both outdoors and indoors on location. Having an inbuilt radio flash system with no attachments hanging off the flash is a BIG step forward IMO.

My only thoughts were that I wish they had a longer range than 30 metres but in saying that I can live with it

Ideally I would like to combine the output of 4 flashes using a special bracket. Specifically so I can go into HSS mode and maintain high flash output while using higher shutter speeds and lower DOF.

What I am unsure of is ......... Can I link/sync four 600EX-RT units using TTL mode?

That is, how does the new system function with respect to multiple units? Will the transceiver recognise that four units are being used simultaneously and divide the output power accordingly. I'm assuming this can be done using a pre flash type system, but again I don't really know.

Forgot to mention ergonomics. I love the feel of the Nikon because I am use to them. Even the D800 feels just fine in my hands. I have noted that many of the Canon users hated the D800 ergonomics. I honestly feel that although holding a Canon feels weird to me that I would be use to this in no time at all.

Probably the biggest factor for me to consider is the learning curve. I know my Camera/s so well that I don't even have to think about them when I am shooting a function. I can switch most of my controls without a second thought and in a split second. I am sure those that do functions will understand the importance of this. So I guess if I do get to the point of switching, I will have to spend a lot of time with the new gear before I head of to a paid function with it.

So, over to those experienced in this field and specifically with the new flash system. Many thanks in advance for the interest and constructive feedback.


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