7D vs 5D III IQ?

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Re: 7D vs 5D III IQ?
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schmegg wrote:

canes wrote:

Apewithacamera wrote:

How well will these two cameras stack up in the IQ department?
Which would you purchase?

Not even close. I've owned both, still have a mk3. The Mk3 is better in every imaginable category thats important to me: noise at low ISO, noise at HighISO, Banding... and most important the AF on the 7D is garbage on all 4 that i've worked with, 5D is a VAST improvement in AF accuracy over the 7D.

Well - this just goes to show how reality can be perceived in two entirely different ways by two different people.

I have both, and I find them both to be very capable.

With regards to IQ - I find they both deliver in good light. The crop has a bit noise at low ISO, but it's very easy to deal with without sacrificing any detail. Only in low light or high DR does the difference between them become significant in any meaningful way to me.

As for AF - the 5D3 is extremely good. But the 7D is no slouch either. I spent all last weekend shooting motorsport - around 9K images - about 50% percent with each camera - and the keeper rate was basically the same (in good light).

I respect your experience but for me, the reality was not a perception. I've owned the 7D (and might buy it again for video-only purposes), and used at least 3 others. Each one had problems with focus accuracy with fast lenses – real problems, the kind of mis-focus that ruins photos – not the teensy-weensy misfocus that only matters at 100% view. The problem with its problems were not reproducable OR consistent enough to work around, I just had to hope I shot enough that I got what I was hoping for.

The last straw was recently at a wedding my 2nd shooter had a 7D and at least 25% of her best shots were OOF; i've since banned any of my second shooters from using 7D's - no kidding. I have no doubt that there are better performing 7Ds out there (your testimony is testament to that) but I personally have ZERO faith in it at this point of finding one...

As for as IQ - im astounded you'd almost equate the 2. I personally find the detail at low ISO to be considerably better with the mk3. In my experience (brides and such), when the brides face only accounts for a small portion of the shot, the mk3 makes MUCH better enlargements, there is just more detail and less noise. Like I said i'll never own a 7D for still work - but as a video-camera (90% of my work is video-dslr work now) its very good.

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