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Bob Meyer
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Re: size and weight
In reply to neroangelo, Sep 2, 2012

No, he's not contradicting himself. But yes, you're missing the point.

But seriously, all you guys are getting upset about a rumor that the camera's going to be bigger than a GH2, and deciding that means it's going to be as big as a 7D. Can you say "ridiculous"? It's likely to be a bit bigger than the GH2, but there's a huge gap between that and a large APS-C camera. The much smaller flange distance alone will make it a lot smaller.

But it's really pretty simple: if the GH3 is too big for you, there are lots of smaller m43 bodies for you.

Other than that, how about waiting until you actually see some specs before going off the deep end?

neroangelo wrote:
Sorry not getting your point and you are contradicting yourself..

iano wrote:
You cannot achieve everything with one camera body

And nor with one lens. If you carry several lenses, it is they that have the biggest impact on your carry bulk and weight. In the overall package (with no grip attached) the GH3 makes a negligible change compared to the GH2.

The GH3 is trying to be the equivalent to the 1Dx or D4.

m43 is about the ability to be small and light when it counts. Only now m43 is adding the ability to do they jobs that are not about small and light. So one system can do it all instead of having m43 for the small and light- but needing Canon or Nikon for the other jobs.

neroangelo wrote:

I think anyone that has moved away from the larger Canikon cameras to be with a smaller/lighter system like myself will be disappointed. If Panasonic are indeed heading towards larger/heavier cameras I can see people in similar situations sticking with Cannikon. Can even see people that were heading towards MFT over Nex/Samsung thinking twice.
Slainte (cheers)

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Slainte (cheers)

You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. :- Samuel Langhorne Clemens

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I've stopped thinking in terms of "equivalent" focal lengths on m43. 25mm is what it is, and what it might be similar to on some other format doesn't matter to me any more. We need to learn what to expect from our current equipment, not keep mapping it to the old. No one refers to their 50mm FF lens as "equivalent to 80mm on MF."

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