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Re: Kudos to Sigma… finally!
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mike earussi wrote:

As a whole I'm not that impressed, still way too much noise and banding in the sky. And the "artsy" PP look tends to showcase the photographer more than the camera. You can also tell that the edges aren't as crisp as the DP2M, though that's hardly suprising given the increased difficulty of designing a wide angle lens. And, as someone else mentioned, the last one is a mess.

I wish Sigma would get someone more skilled at handling Foveon files and QC these images before posting such poor quality examples. You can't just hand a Foveon chipped camera to someone who's never used one before, no matter how "professional" of a photographer they are and expect high quality results. It's just too difficult of a chip to learn how to get the best out of overnight.

I became attracted to Sigma from looking at Olga's photographs, and from what I've seen she's still the highest skilled Foveon photographer around. Why Sigma doesn't hire her to do more advertisments for them I don't know, but the results would be of much higher quality and showcase the sensor's ability much better.

Despite the less than stellar examples I'm guessing that the camera is just fine and will produce excellent images with the proper post processing , and though the lens will probably prove to be less perfect than the DP2M's one, it will still be sharp enough to please most.

Olga? URL?

This one with guy looking over the fence shows significant distortion, especially in the top of the round post in the upper right corner:

I looked for banding, but all I could find was a triangle shaped UFO above the horizon on the left side of the sunset cowboy:

I found lots of vertical sky banding in the last "HDR-ish" landscape:

There's a few things wrong with that image, though. It appears to have been intentionally blurred. There's nothing in that image that gives Foveon sharpness. It looks like some sort of art filter was applied to it that wiped out tonal ranges. Also, there's a haunted house LOOKING RIGHT AT US with it's beady haunted house eyes. It's on the hill directly above the telephone pole on the far right.

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