How fast is your PC/MAC.

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Re: How fast is your PC/MAC.
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The name Ed Woods come to my mind.....
An (in)famous Hollywood director, who shot a scene one time only.

Zone8 wrote:

Hi Aaro,

My PC is now some 3½ years old and was not designed nor built (all by ME) to be top notch - just practical. It has a dual-core Intel 2.5 Ghz and I have just 4 GB RAM. Mind you I do have 3 IDE and a main SATA HDD and three external USB drives too, for various purposes.

Opening a raw file in SPP 5.2.1 (I did as you requested and timed moving on to next image a couple of times) took about 4½ seconds and saving the normal size Level 12 (max) JPEG took just under 3 secs. As I normally only use SPP to generate JPEGs (rarely use for anything else) saving a set is relatively fast - certainly fast enough for my purposes. If I set a folder of 100 (that's the limit I use for any folder for RAW files) I can do something else whulst the JPEGs are created. No problem for me at all in a practical sense.

As I work in same way I did with a 5x4 camera (ensuring everything is "correct" before I make the exposure) I rarely ever take more than one shot of anything - generally may take, say, a couple if working on a seashore, where the next wave can of course always be better than the one I just photographed! I used to do the same with weddings and other commercial stuff too - just the one shot - no good Pro takes bracketted shots using 5x4 sheet film, colour or B+W. Well, my reckoning always was if you know what you are doing, why take numerous shots of the same thing. Should be obvious that I never bracket - have no need for that sort of sloppiness.

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