is the G12 the last, and the G1X a new beginning?

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Re: is the G12 the last, and the G1X a new beginning?
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peter42y wrote:

meland wrote:

.....Now the G1X is most definitely a niche product since it is neither cheap nor aimed at the mass market and therefore the criteria with which Canon judge it a success or failure will not be based on a comparison of sales units with, say, a point and shoot costing considerably less.


You claim that G1X is not a mass market product .
How do you know that ?
Do you work in the canon board of administrators ?
Do you know the canon administration expectations when it does come to the G1X ?

The fact of the matter is that Canon did not release a G14 but instead did release the G1X.

Even in wikipedia the G1X is listed has being part of the G Series and the G Series WERE NOT a niche product as you claim the G1X is.

But there is more.
Look at the release date of the cameras.
Since 2006 G series cameras were released every year but not in 2011 .
In 2012 was released the G1X .

This does indeed suggest ( as well as the name ) that the G1X was the heir of the G line and as I already wrote the G line was not a niche product - on the contrary.

There is no point of answering all your arguments.

Some people fail to see evidence and it seems to me you are one of such individuals.
Some fellows love endless arguments and are unable to recognize they are wrong.

Peter, I am really not trying to pick a fight with you. I suppose it depends how you want to define mass market and niche. But since I do know how Canon categorise their own products and am extremely familiar with the criteria that they use to judge whether a certain model meets its individual sales targets I hope you can accept what I say and not take it as slight against you personally when certainly none was intended.


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