Will serious home photo printing survive near future?

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Will serious home photo printing survive near future?

I thought that I would post this just to get a few comments as to where us home photo printing users will be in say 5 years from now.

Some of the issues that I read about in the last few days are of a concern.

1. For 2012 both Dell and HP company worth has each dropped 60% so far this year and the year isn't over. This is all due to lack of PC sales, the smart phones and tablets are taking over computing. Thus not too many users are in need of printing at home. If the PC disappears we won't have the tool to use extensive photo editing apps as we use now.

2. Adobe is trying to push their subscription based Creative Cloud at $50 per month to use Photoshop or Lightroom, and I'm sure if they are somewhat successsful they are going to make the subscription based mode the only way to use PS down the road. $600 a year will chase away a lot of home users. What happens to the plug-ins, such as, NIK and Topaz, etc. will they be subscription based also? 3. How many serious photo printing users are there in the world to support all this, it could be quite small?

4. If the PC sales and printer sales fall off, will that mean the 3rd party inks and papers disappear also, recently Kodak is giving up on their photo paper sales.
Just what kind a sales does Red River, Ilford, etc. have?

5. I realiize that I can just park my PC with Window 7, Photoshop, Lightroom, and plug-ins in a corner along with my Epson and Canon printers and the gallons of OCP and Cone inks, also the 1000's of sheets of papers (I have a bad paper hoarding sickness...). I'm good to go for many years.....but seriously quality home photo printing could die before the end of the decade.

I do weddings and the 20-30 year olds crowd is just not that interested in prints anymore, it's all Facebook, Cloud, or DVD slideshows.

How many of your prints actually hang on your walls?

How many prints do your sell?

Does this justify all the printing hardware and software development and sales the last few years?


Bob P.

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