Thinking of Swapping to Canon from Nikon

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Re: Thinking of Swapping to Canon from Nikon
In reply to VivaLasVegas, Aug 29, 2012

VivaLasVegas wrote:

Point is Nikon's 51 pts AF had only 15 x-type AF sensors from D3, D3s and now D4, NO improvement in AF accuracy. D4 and D800 actually is LESS accurate by adopting F8 lense support. Canon on the other hand has been continuously adding super athletic x-type sensors, 1D3 had 19 x-types, 1D4 had 39 x-types and now 1DX have 41 x-types 5 of which are dual x-type.

So it's all about x-type AF sensors is it, Viva?

Then why was the 1D3 with it's 19 x-types problematic and the D3/3s/3x with only 15 x-types broadly regarded as excellent (and BTW, my personal experience with both the D4 and D800E reflect improvements versus the previous 51 pt system). I won't deny that there does appear to be a calibration issue affecting some D800 bodies, btw, so don't bother going there!

The new 61 pt Canon AF system looks great and by all accounts appears to be a top performer (maybe better than Nikon - can't say as I have not used it) - that's great for Canon shooters and a logical outcome of concerted efforts by Canon after the bad PR Canon got from the 1D3 situation (which was likely overblown as well). However, why is it not good enough for you to enjoy the new Canon AF system performance unless you also try to bash the competition - talk about the ultimate fanboy!

BTW, here's a quick snapshot to demonstrate how bad the AF tracking and accuracy is on the D800E and how silly it is to have a high resolution sensor :):

Full frame:


100% Crop:

These images are not presented to show anything other than that, contrary to your belief, the D800 can work quite well (for those that might be interested in real world experience vs. fanboy rehashing of stuff they read on the internet).

To the OP - good luck with whatever camera you ultimately decide is the best tool for your needs.

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