Is the PanLeica 25 f/1.4 equal to a 50 mm f/1.4 on Canon FF?

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Re: Is the PanLeica 25 f/1.4 equal to a 50 mm f/1.4 on Canon FF?
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Len_Gee wrote:

Thanks everyone who chimed in.

You won't be saying that later when there's 300 comments on this thread

Ok, now I realize 25mm on MFT has same FOV as 50mm on his FF Canon 5D. Correct?

Pretty much. There's the deal with the aspect ratios being different, but yeah 25mm=50mm FOV.

But what I couldn't get my head wrapped around is him saying I basically have a 2.8 lens depth of field from my 1.4 lens. And I payed around $550 for it!

Yeah, but there's more to a lens than being "fast." And really shallow DOF is isn't the end all be all. AND, really if you're using an "okay" full frame lens, you're going to stop the thing down anyway, to where the µ4/3 lens wide open does a pretty good job.

So, if we are standing at the same spot, focus at the same object, and he shoots at f4, and I shoot my lens at f4, we both have the same correct exposure, but I will have more depth of field. Is that correct?

Yeah pretty much.

So it's only depth of field that is differenent even though the lens f stops are the same? Is that correct?

Yeah for the most part. There's difference in what the sensors can do, mainly because of the size advantage, compare a iso 6400 photo on a FF can compare it to a iso 6400 on a µ4/3 (more so the older µ4/3 cameras)- you'll get a bit jealous. the whole 14bit vs 12bit RAW as well will make a difference too.

BTW: tried to convice him to bet a case of Glenfiddich scotch. He declined. Maybe good that we bet with cheap scotch? I am not a scotch drinker so we might need to split the bet.

Well, since he'll be getting the case, lucky for you it's cheaper, If you won you'd just be wondering why the scotch burns so much when you drink it


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