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Flawed statement... Ya. You betcha!
In reply to Barry Fitzgerald, Aug 24, 2012

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

Mark H wrote:

That statement, is completely flawed.

'Bayer interpolation' is purely a spatial/dimensional process, and that in itself has nothing at all to do with 'tonality'.

So you feel that a sensor that can't accurately know per pixel what the colour is and has to "guess" is an ideal solution?

So your flawed opinion is that Bayer should die and be replaced with what, Foveon? That's going backwards.

Folks should know me well enough I'm happy enough for a debate, when someone starts banding phrases like ignorant around well I give as good as I get.

Your answer clearly showed ignorance and Mark even felt compelled to correct you, although he couldn't resist adding another of his usual snide insults. Like him, you both look for excuses to start forum food fights, although I'll admit that you're nowhere near as wild and contentious as Mark. But you still can't get over the almost comatose state of film in today's camera market. This forum is for those that have moved beyond film. Haven't you read DPR's forum description enough times yet? ("the place to discuss Fujifilm compact digital cameras"). Yet you continue looking for ways to take threads off topic by bringing film into them, and here your reply to the OP didn't even attempt to answer his question, which anyone with a clue would realize was about digital cameras and their sensors, not about film. Face it. Kodak is kaput and Fuji film is almost finished, its sales rapidly plummeting.

Would you suggest that people abandon their Bayer cameras and start shooting and scanning film, realizing that high quality scans can be really expensive? Internegatives offer no practical solution either and stock is getting scarce. The cold war is over and film lost the battle. If you were smart, you'd try to make your OT film excursions interesting so that some readers might be tempted to try it out. Instead, you write like an aging, bitter curmudgeon longing for the "good old days". That won't help at all and starting your OT sub-thread with "Death to bayer is the ultimate solution.." is so counterproductive that all I can say is "Don't Ever Change".

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