Why put an EVF on new Nex6

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Re: Not really.
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rhlpetrus wrote:

sye46 wrote:

Exactly, it's pointless to argue because you also have no clue how the new 16mp sensor will perform or if it will be any better. But the facts are that the current 24 mp sensor destroys the current 16mp sensor at low ISO, so you are wrong to make that statement that the 16mp is better at low ISO

I think you need to qualify that a bit.

Based on what you wrote below, you should have qualified the limitations of your own initial opinion posted in this thread too.

At same sizes, the 16MP sensor seems to show slightly better shadow recovery abilities. But I have only compared the 14bit version of the 16MP,

Which cameras were those? And can you share the data you used?

and there is no 14bit version of the 24MP one, so that is something impossible to know (but given that at higher ISOS the 24MP sensor is not actually better, from DXO Mark, both at 12bits, it may be that the 16MP could still hold an edge in that respect).

Basically you just said there is no proof for your opinion whatsoever.

I think APS-C resolution has reached a plateau, 16-24MP will be it, better develop tech further for those sensors. Most users will never use the full res of these cameras.

People said the same at 6MP, 10 MP, 12MP, 14MP, 16MP and now 24MP. I think the RX100 sensor, the Nokia 808 and even the V1/J1 sensor (equivalent of more than 30MP on APS-C) show we haven't reached any plateau for APS-C resolution yet.

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