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Re: 60D lens options
In reply to jitteringjr, Aug 24, 2012

jitteringjr wrote:

MAC wrote:

I was where you were at in thought process about 2 years ago

Then I hired a 20 year pro to work an event with me and he showed me the value of his 28-300 Nikkor VR II

With bounced flash and off camera bounced flash and triggers

Make the light look natural

He could frame almost instantly and on a dime

Faster than a 2 camera setup

Framing was near perfect

With low noise hi ISO cameras the variable aperture super zoom can bring an advantage if the photographer knows how to pop light

Suggest you get more into off camera flash - then you might change your tune

Look at Odins

I do a lot of off camera flash so this is not new information for me. If I am doing direct flash using soft boxes and or umbrellas, it takes a lot of time to set up the lighting and then the subject area is restricted to where the lights are set up. In this case using a prime is as convenient as using a superzoom.

Now if I want to use say 3 speed lights all bouncing off a white ceiling, I can vastly broaden my subject area and I can see where having a larger zoom range would be nice. I don't shoot weddings but I like using this setup for Christmas morning presents, birthdays and family gathering so I can move around more and add some life to the shots. The problem here for me is that the background isn't always as clean as I would want it to be at these events so I like to have a 2.8 zoom to help clean up that clutter in the background yet still have some zoom flexibility. As we have aleady mentioned in this thread having a crop camera puts us at a disadvantage for DOF. Using a 5.6 lens on crop is like using f9 on FF so pretty much everything is going to be in focus.

Now ideally I would like to upgrade to the 5d3 and 24-70 II and 70-200 II, but for now my 7D and 17-50 and 70-200/4 IS will have to do.

The Odins look nice btw but I am having pretty good luck with the wireless function on the 7D and 580ex2 where I don't feel a need to upgrade for now. If I start shooting in bigger venues in the future I will get some RF triggers then.

Christmas morning lighting sounds nice

Think side wall bounce--pointing at the side wall where it will bounce up against the edge of the ceiling also. This forms a 45/45 one light setup known as Rembrandt lighting. Then put each of the other two lights on two of the other walls and activate them one at a time as you move around the room to give 45/45 as much as possible. Video here:


with the odins then you could activate them one at a time as you move around the room. I use radiopopper jr's btw but odins look more reliable

I have the 5dc also and it is nice with my 50 f1.4. But the 50 f1.4 could work for you also between F2- F2.2 on your 7d to blur the backdrop.

I'm not a believer in zooms for FF. I believe in primes for FF. I use my 100L and 50 F1.4 on my FF from F1.4 - F2.8 to whip the backdrop out of focus and have sharp results. Your F2.8 on crop is only F4.5 -- not great for removing backdrop clutter. I like zooms with my crop cameras btw but not for shallow dof shots. I'll eventually will get the 35 F1.4 and 135 F2 and use them both on FF and crop.

Think glass collection first. Then think bodies. Bodies will come and go. Glass will stay. I liked the 15-85 IS so much -- I'm staying with crop - until Canon develops a 4stop 24-135 IS for FF that is better than the 15-85 for crop

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