China is Invading North America

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Re: That's pretty much it.
In reply to Ed Rizk, Aug 23, 2012

Ed Rizk wrote:

Roger99 wrote:

Ed Rizk wrote:

Roger99 wrote:

Ed Rizk wrote:

Roger99 wrote:

Ed Rizk wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

Don't get mad at the Chinese and Canadians for not being as stupid as us.

I have to agree with the Bustard. There is one man to blame for this and that is His Majesty Calif Hussein the Magnificent.


Why? Is it George Bush's fault?

A third Bush, a third Clinton and the rest goes to the rest of us.

Amazing! His Majesty is held blameless when he singlehandedly killed the project. Bush approved it and Clinton had nothing to do with it.
Ed Rizk

It's a longer story than this one little incident.

Of course the entire China situation is very complicated, but the OP was about the Keystone pipeline. The Calif on his own could have approved it (or just let it happen) and singlehandedly killed it.

There is a lot of blame to go around for the overall trade imbalance with China. Nixon opened relations with the Chicoms and every administration since has given them more and not held them accountable for their transgressions. Closing trade with China would be a bad idea, but like most economic and political questions it is a matter of balance. Our China policy is way out of balance in favor of the Chinese.

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Ed Rizk

Actually, closing trade could possibly be the best idea (or at least regulating it far more than it is). The low market merchandise that is flooding the world is just one of a three pronged attack against countries like the US. The other two being stock market manipulation and artificial manipulation of their own currency and the third, taking control of as many of the worlds mineral resources as possible. This plan started early in the Clinton years and has been going well so far, its intention a slow bleeding of the American economy. It is a lot of the reason for the China development bubble that is happening at the moment as well. There is a massive amount of infrastructure development for a population that can't afford to use it. Highrises that never see a tenant, freeways that never get driven on, Un-needed power stations. The idea is to cripple America before the bubble bursts in China but now China has momentum they may not be able to stop before it is too late for them. Fun bit is that Australia will be brought down at the same time.

Sure there has always been that rivalry going but this current one has been focused, sustained and so far successful but when it ain't seen nothing yet.

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..oh, and I see by the lack of responses that I am right yet again.

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