If you don't think earth is more than a million years old...

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Brian D. Schneider
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Re: How do you explain the Big Bang?
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edwardaneal wrote:

Don_D wrote:

edwardaneal wrote:

A true god should be completely unlimited in what they can do. And that means they have the ability to completely manipulate science and anything else to make things look different than they really are.

Why would a "true god" want to trick us? If he can do anything why go through all this mumbo jumbo....why is everything not just bliss.

why do parents trick their children? it happens all the time and it happens because the parent knows what is best for the child - as parents we try through whatever means to lead our children down the path that we think is best - - Why would you not expect God to do the same for us?

If an all powerful and/or all good god allows evil in the world then he is either not all powerful or not all good. Which is it?

you are defining evil and good by your standards and your knowledge God is not limited like you and I are.

think about it -you think of the death of a child as tragic and horrible. Would you think of it the same way if you truly knew with 100% certainty that the child really never died and that it actually went to a much better place?

No proof of that, no one's ever come back and said, "Hey guess what?"

again - we are not God's equal - - all we can see are a few pieces of the puzzle, God on the other hand sees it it all, He knows how everything works together. He knows that what you see as evil has a purpose and that without it the whole picture would fall apart.

Evil has no purpose, it's just evil.

like I said before - if we were equal to god and could know and understand everything that he does - - - he would not be God,

No such critter.

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