D90 High-speed-sync (Auto FP) newby question

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David Lal
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Continuous light rather than a short sharp blast
In reply to wamjeepster, Aug 20, 2012

Hi Bill,

Yes, you are missing something. Although I now have a shiny new (to me) D300, most of my flying bird images have been done to date with a D70. The D70 does not have FP mode but what it does have is an unlimited true Flash x-sync of up to 1/8000 of a second (although with Nikon-dedicated guns that is capped at 1/500s).

To me this is/was a huge plus of the older cameras including D40 (but not D40x) and D50.

I often refer to FP mode as a kludgey solution - fine for fill flash but not fine for freezing motion because, in effect, your Nik SBX000 is turned into an expensive torch i.e. continuous light rather than a short sharp blast of light.

Now that I have a new camera I shall have to experiment with FP and see whether there is something I can do with it although I expect my D70 will continue to play the dominant role here because of the x-sync advantage.


wamjeepster wrote:

I'm a little confused by your response. When freezing motion of flying bird's wings (something I'm very interested in), you state that you may use 1/1000 sec duration. My question is are you using Auto FP? Your last statement "FP mode flash cannot be used this way." would seem to indicate no. However, without Auto FP, sync speed is limited to 1/200. I'm sure I'm missing something here



David Lal wrote:

At least, I expect you are. My comment was not aimed at what the camera/flashgun operation is but at your suggestion that the human eye cannot tell the difference between flash and a focal plane strobe.

Regarding fill flash that may well be true but I use flash (on a D70) primarily to freeze the motion of a flying bird's wing. To do that I need to reduce the contribution of ambient light to the exposure and so may well use 1/1000s or even shorter duration. FP mode flash cannot be used this way. That's all.


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