A camera that can see around corners

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A camera that can see around corners


Why is this relevant to you? Well think of it this way, if we can make a camera with a 1 trillionth shutter speed, the ISO would have to be equally comparable or there would be almost no light visible on the sensor. And if we can do this, then our current camera sensors can be greatly miniturized to the point where we could use a drop of water or a contact lens as a lens. And if we can do that, then we can record what the human eyes see at all times.

Make no mistake, technology will never stop. What you think are limitations are merely barriers which will be overcome by new technology. If you were to ask any professional photographer just 5 Years ago if any camera would allow over 200,000 ISO in 5 years, no one, not one of them, would have said yes it would be possible. They would have scoffed at you, ridiculed you, mocked you, and you would have been right!! Because in 2007, the best camera was the Canon 1DsM3 with a max ISO of 1600. But today's best camera is the Nikon D4 and it is capable of shooting ISO 204,800. It's not pretty, but the setting is there.

Computers got smaller. Everyone who has a smart phone owns a computer that fits into their pocket.

Cameras are getting smaller. They're removing the pentaprisms which allowed for through the lens viewing and replacing them with high quality electric viewfinders.

My guess is that it will be in-my-lifetime that my name will be the reality of cameras. A biological viewfinder, for an embedded biotechnology camera that uses your bodyheat or your body's blood or your cell's power for batteries. A camera that is physically part of you!!

There are 10 types of people in this world, those who understand binary and those who don't.

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